The Fighter Aerobic / Anaerobic System of Training

Conor McGregor’s F.A.S.T. conditioning system is a zone based workout program for ultimate performance. The F.A.S.T. conditioning program can be used  as a stand alone training plan to achieve intense explosive power, ultimate speed and endurance for all over conditioning or it can be incorporated into your existing sport specific training for an extra boost to take you to the next level in your chosen sport.


McGregor’s FAST Conditioning is all about training within 3 specific and personalized heart rate zones.

Green Zone

Aerobic threshold point
Rating of perceived exertion (RPE) - Light to moderate
Breathing scale - Can speak in full sentences
Body fuel Type - Fats
Performance gains - Longer endurance and stamina
Blood lactate level - 2 mmol/L
Effect on body composition - Lean and low body fat

Orange Zone

Aerobic threshold point
Rating of perceived exertion (RPE) - Hard but sustainable
Breathing scale - Can speak in short sentences only
Body fuel Type - Glucose
Performance gains - Increased continuous power output
Blood lactate level - 4 mmol/L
Effect on body composition - Some muscle / some leanness

Red Zone

Aerobic threshold point
Rating of perceived exertion (RPE) - Extremely hard
Breathing scale - Unable to speak
Body fuel Type - Phosphagen
Performance gains - Higher peak power output
Blood lactate level - Up to 15 mmol/L
Effect on body composition - Greater muscular bulk

What zone are you in?


To get your optimal target heart rate training zones, you will first perform the treadmill ramp test wearing a heart rate monitor. An instructional video on the website shows you exactly how to do this test. Your test results are then entered into the FAST Zone calculator where the unique software will calculate your personalised heart rate zones for maximum training results when doing the workout schedule.


A customised personal training schedule is built from a data bank of over 800 individual routines. By answering a short questionnaire a tailored workout plan is created for you that takes into account your present level of fitness and how much time you can devote to training.

All levels are catered for from the complete beginner just looking to get in shape to the professional athlete who needs a competitive edge. The workouts are structured into specific green, orange and red target heart rate zones. This allows you to focus harder on the day's workout goal for maximum training stimulus in that area. It also takes the stress off the metabolic pathways involved in the other zones, giving you more time for recovery.


McGregor's FAST Conditioning uses a mix of equipment for a more balanced physique. You will get a complete workout of both upper and lower body.

Stationary bike or a bicycle

Rowing machine


Punch bag

What you achieve with FAST









Access McGregor's training secrets


You will get video tutorials on correct technique, equipment set up and tips on how to improve performance. Learn how to hit a punch bag efficently and punch with devastating force like Conor McGregor. The videos are focused and to the point from a reliable source that you can trust.


When you have finished the course there will be measurable improvements in your speed, maximum power output, and resistance to fatigue. You will have increased ability to function under pressure and maintain you skills base in the face of adversity. You will be a more complete athlete who can handle any challenge that is thrown at you.

By repeating the zone testing after each 12 week training cycle you will get a new set of values for your personal target zones. This allows you to move up to a new higher level on the training ladder and progress almost indefinitely without the risk of overtraining.

Start your Journey into the FAST Zone!