The idea of just “melting away” fat in a sauna is very appealing – if only it were true! But unfortunately the drop in body weight from saunas, hot baths or PVC sauna suits is purely down to water loss. The temperature needed to melt away fat from your adipose tissue would kill you long before anything drained off. Any weight lost in a sauna will be replaced as soon as you start drinking fluids again.


Not eating breakfast in the mornings is a no-no if you want a lean and muscular physique. Your body is already in a semi starvation state from having not eaten since the night before. Your need food or your body will start to devour itself by breaking down lean tissue as a fuel supply.
If you skip breakfast then you will compensate for it by consuming more later on in the day when you are less likely to use the calories for activity. Also eating big meals in the evening causes a spike in insulin levels which encourages fat storage.


Most over the counter fat burners contain caffeine, ephedrine or other mild stimulants. While it is true that fat burners do cause an initial weight loss by acting as appetite suppressants and by increasing your metabolism so that you produce more heat. But tolerance to their effects develops quickly and soon you will be back where you started. Relying on fat burners is not a good way towards long term fat loss.


It’s tempting to overdo it in the first few days with a new diet. The bathroom scales rewards you with a quick drop in weight. You feel encouraged by your progress so you reduce your calories even more. Soon you are hungry, exhausted and looking flat. You cant continue like this so you go back to eating again. But it doesn’t just stop there; your body reacts to what it sees as potential famine conditions so it now stores even more fat for insurance purposes.
This “Yo-Yo dieting” slows your metabolism making it even harder to lose fat. You should make only gradual reductions to your calorie intake. This will give you the best chance of sticking with a diet and keeps your metabolism high.


It may come as a surprise to some people but exercising WITHOUT calorie reduction is our number fat loss mistake.
Body composition is primarily about diet. Exercise plays a far smaller part in your muscle and fat.
Run on a treadmill for 30 minutes and you will burn off about 250 calories. Reward yourself a Snickers bar which is 280 calories, not only is all your hard work undone but you have actually gained an additional 30 calories.
Of course exercise is beneficial for numerous reasons but if your goal is to lose fat then concentrate on what you put in your mouth and not what you do at the gym.


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