WWE superstars show athleticism on the F.A.S.T. conditioning program.

If anyone has ever doubted the sheer athleticism of the WWE superstars then they need look no further than at their performances doing Conor McGregor’s F.A.S.T. conditioning program. The cold, hard numbers of the scientific training system reveal the incredible athletic abilities of some of SmackDown’s biggest names.

Jinder Mahal,the reigning heavyweight WWE champion demonstrated his brute force on the indoor rowing machine during a recent break from the WWE Live tour.


Having just finished a tough session of Brazilian Jujitsu with Team McGregor Coach John Kavanagh, the modern day Maharaja stepped up to the indoor rowing machine for some conditioning training . Using a less than perfect technique (he managed to fall off the seat four times during the 500 metres!) but unfazed and undeterred, the Punjabi powerhouse still managed to pull a remarkable 1’18” for the distance before going on to complete a heavy resistance circuit.

Ever popular WWE Women’s champion Becky Lynch flaunted her stuff by repeatedly knocking out Orange zone sets of 500 metres on the rower. She barely managed to break a sweat despite doing sub 2 minute times before donning boxing gloves and going on to hit some pads with F.A.S.T. conditioning coach Colin Byrne.


Want to see how would you compare to a WWE superstar?



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