Conor McGregor: I can take you to that new level also

Name: Conor McGregor

Sport: MMA

Country: Ireland


“In March of 2016 I suffered by first UFC defeat. I was dominating the contest from a skills perspective. The contest was going very easily for me but midway through the second round, my gas tank emptied and I could not clear the lactate in my body. I began to drown in the middle of the Octagon. I eventually succumbed to defeat.
After the contest, I questioned everything. I questioned my heart. I questioned and blamed everything. What I done was I reached out to leading experts in the field of sports performance and devised a plan of how I could come back from this defeat and avenge my loss.

It took me 12 weeks from being unable to last two rounds to outlasting a triathlete with a weight advantage on me over the course of 5 rounds.

What I’m suggesting to you is that I can take you to that new level also. Come join me at McGregor’s FAST training system and change your life forever.”


Change your life forever!